By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV Producer

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – Prom season is almost here with all the fun and excitement, but for some kids and their families, the expense is just too much.

That’s why a group of friends in Attleboro is working together to do something about it.

In the basement of Deana Pinette’s “Cutting Edge Salon” in Attleboro they’ve got everything a girl could want for her prom, except the date.

“That looks so good on you!” Pinette exclaimed as she helped Alley Poirier search for a dress.

Scores of prom dresses hang on racks, fashionable shoes, sparkling jewelry and even handbags are on display and available, for free.

“Every girl wants her dream dress for prom, and it’s nice to know you can come here and get what you want and not have to worry about how much you’re able to pay for it,” Poirier said.

And that’s the idea of the Cinderella Swap, which was inspired 6 years ago when Pinette heard several girls say they weren’t going to their prom because of the cost.

“It just got me to thinking that it would be nice to help out, and take one of the expenses away by providing a dress,” Pinette said.

She put out the word and people started donating dresses. Businesses like Cardi’s Furniture got involved, acting as drop off points. A Providence radio station picks up and delivers the dresses, and other volunteers have joined the effort.

“This is fun. More than anything we just really have a wonderful time doing it,” volunteer Paula Bedard said of the operation. “When they get a dress and it fits them and they look like a million bucks, it really makes you feel good.”

The group spends as much as 20 hours a week working on the project. They give up their Sundays to help the girls find what they need.

“We put a lot of hours in. It’s so gratifying and the girls are so happy,” Pinette said.

During their first year the Cinderella Swap gave away about a hundred dresses. Now they’re up to 200. And the team has grown to dozens of people and businesses.

Online: Find Out More About The Cinderella Swap

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