By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – New video of a Boston bouncer roughing up customers has been released. Police say the tape shows Sidney Phillips on the attack outside the Grand Canal club back in December.

Phillips is the same man arrested this week for a similar attack.

Video from early Sunday morning, shows Sidney Phillips stomping a bar patron near the Boston Garden. At his arraignment Monday, the 31-year-old bouncer was charged with assault and battery. His attorney, Patrick Reddington, told the court his client had never exhibited that kind of behavior before.

The video from December 30 of last year shows Phillips trying to get patrons to leave at closing time. From another camera, he is seen pushing the group out the door, and from another camera outside, it appears that Phillips swings and hits one man, then later rushes another, knocking him to the sidewalk.

Phillips has not been charged in connection with the December incident. The owner of the Grand Canal has terminated his employment there.


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