It was such a beautiful night with the glistening moonshine lighting up the sky and the countryside. On my way in to work at 2am, it was so bright that I could have turned off my headlights! With the clear sky, light winds and some residual snow cover in many areas, radiational cooling sent the temperatures down into the 20s in most of the suburbs with middle 30s in Boston. There will be a nice recovery today as we continue to be members of Club 50. In fact, I think that many areas will slightly eclipse that and go up to 51-52 for highs this afternoon. The wind will freshen a bit to 8-18 mph from the northwest. The sunshine will be bright much of the morning then clouds will start developing and building by midday and the afternoon could feature a few widely scattered rain showers in the unstable air.

Of interest, there is a swath of mostly light snow over eastern ME this morning caused by a trough of low pressure and actually a push of milder air circulating around a storm way up over the Canadian Maritimes. This surge of moisture will advance southwestward into the northern mountains by late today then transit into southern New England by dawn. I am expecting a band of snow showers across southern NH and MA during the inbound morning commute tomorrow. Presently, it looks like the snow will NOT impact most roadways but a few slick spots cannot be ruled out on some town streets and country roads. Temperatures will start out in the middle 30s then rise into the 40s tomorrow so any snow showers will turn over to spotty sprinkles or light showers later in the morning to early afternoon. An overcast may start to brighten and break up a bit later in the afternoon so some limited splashes of sunshine may be seen before sunset.

With another weak perturbation moving in from the northwest on Good Friday, it will start out mostly sunny then turn partly to mostly cloudy with a risk of a few spotty sprinkles or light showers in the afternoon. This will be repeated on Saturday as well with high temperatures both days in the range of 51-54. After that, Easter Sunday will start nice and bright and rather cold. The sunrise occurs at 6:28am when it will be in the upper 20s to middle 30s. Unfortunately, a frontal boundary with a weak wave of low pressure may start accelerating toward New England and cause clouds to increase from midday on followed by an area of rain arriving as early as 3-4pm. This is not definite yet but I am seeing a trend of faster movement of this rain so it could certainly become wet sometime during the second half of the weekend. With the clouds and rain on the approach, I’ll have to cut back a bit on the expected highs to closer to 50.

Looking ahead, the overnight rain Sunday will move offshore with the wave before dawn on Monday. That sets the stage for a powerful cold front to plow into the area later Monday afternoon. Before its arrival, it could warm up to near 60 assuming that there will be some partial sunshine. The band of showers and possible thunder will race through later in the afternoon and early evening with clearing to follow Monday night. Much colder air will be rushing into the region behind the cold frontal passage via strong, gusty westerly winds of 20-45 mph. Lows by dawn on Tuesday will be back to the upper 20s to lower 30s with highs in the lower to middle 40s. The wind will be gusty all day Tuesday through much of next Wednesday but there should be plentiful sunshine amidst a few passing patches of clouds.

The Boston Marathon is fast approaching.  It is way to premature to offer any long range outlook at this time but I doubt that it will be a copy of last year when the temperature hit a sizzling 87 degrees. You can watch the race coverage exclusively on WBZ.

Todd Gutner posts a fresh blog late this afternoon or early this evening.

Make it a great day!


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