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I understand fully, if you live along the Atlantic coastline, anywhere from North Carolina to Maine, or if you live in the north central part of the country, you’re not going to have a whole lot of sympathy but I’ve gotta tell ya, spring break time in Florida this year is awful.   The weather has really sucked….to the extent of hail storms three nights ago (hailstones the size of quarters) wind gust conditions in excess of 40-miles an hour almost every day for the past couple of weeks (even the bikers hated it) rain storms off and on and last night and tonight……..frost warnings in northern and central Florida.    This is not Chamber of Commerce weather for sure and if I was a spring breaker down here, I’d be demanding my money back.   From whom I don’t know…..but I’d be demanding.

Daytona Beach is complaining because its huge crowd of spring breakers has moved over to the Florida Panhandle in the past few years.   As a well-seasoned  Trained Observer, spring break is incredibly overrated anyway. Just about anyone will tell you, if you’ve been on one spring break in Florida, Mexico….where ever…..you’ll never got on another, unless you’re totally brain-dead.  The 18 and up spring breakers go… just to party and drink.   They’re too stupid to know when to stop drinking as evidenced by years of “Girls Gone Wild” videos and police arrest records.  There’s something about bikinis, booze and teenage bozos that doesn’t mix and if Daytona Beach had an ounce of class, it would thank Panama City (in the panhandle) for taking the crazy spring breakers and then bring back some class to the neighborhood.  That’s not going to be easy considering a half million bikers invade that town every year, but at least they’re of age, they spend a lot of cash and for the most part, the bikers don’t often proclaim they can fly and jump off a 10th-floor hotel balcony.

I heard one report of 800 spring breaker arrests last weekend alone over in the Panhandle and this week isn’t half gone yet.   Yes, we’ve already had a couple of fatalities.   And just to make matters worse, when it’s too damn cold to even go to the beach or pool while on spring break, what else is there to do?    More sarsaparillas I presume……this is ugly!

I’ll have to get to the “more Stuff” a little later.


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