MILFORD (CBS) – The 911 system in Milford is now “smart.” The town launched a new program that ensures police can have as much information as you want them to, the second you call for help.

Milford is the first town in Massachusetts to use Smart 911, a system developed by a Framingham company. Anyone can sign up online and give emergency responders immediate access to their personal needs.

Until now, 911 dispatchers only had two bits of information when receiving a call: the phone number and the location of a call.

With “Smart 911”, Milford police will have more details available.

“This program is a way for us to reduce time in responding to people’s needs,” explains Milford Police Chief Thomas O’Loughlin.

“Families can put information of the layout of their homes, photographs of themselves, or their children, or a loved one who might have special needs”.

These special needs could include allergies or a medical condition.

Dispatcher Britney Caouette says “pictures would be great especially with missing children”.

The information you choose to share is all tied to your phone number. The dispatcher can send the profile straight to the computer in the cruisers responding to that call.

Milford’s Chief is surprised at their first-in-the-state status, “It’s really innovative, being able to provide better services to the public was critical. So, we are pleased to be number one.”

Milford police stress that they do not have access to any personal information unless you call 911.


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