Boston Bruins president Cam Neely joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss shootouts in the NHL, the Bruins’ struggles in the month of March, and flexibility at the trade deadline.

Is Cam coming around on the shootout? How was Cam when it came to taking penalty shots back in his playing days? What are Neely’s thoughts on having the shootout added to playoff games?

Why do the Bruins struggle in the month of March? Why have the Bruins been mediocre this March? Have the line changes worked?

Could there be something big coming down the pike for the Bruins before the trade deadline? How aggressive are the Bruins? How much flexibility do the Bruins have with their cap space?

“I really don’t want to get into too much detail, but it takes two to tango,” Neely said. “We put ourselves in a position to have a team that can compete for the Cup. We’ve got some cap space, which is nice to have and a great luxury to have right now. So whether we can find a dance partner that we like and makes sense, then we’ll do something that we feel will help improve our club.

“We have the opportunity to be aggressive because of the cap space, so we’re going to try to take advantage of that,” Neely added. “We would certainly like to improve our club if we can. It all depends on what is asked for in return, and we’ll go from there. But we have the luxury to be aggressive.”

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Cam Neely 3-26-13″ artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

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