Some scattered showers of rain, snow and sleet migrated across parts of the area overnight but most of that activity will dwindle first thing this morning as an enlarging parcel of drier air swoops southwestward from ME. It is bright and sunny up north and that clearing will be pushing into southern New England during the morning. Temperatures will be responding to the stronger late March sun by rising to near or slightly over 50 in much of the area and that’s where the high temperatures will be through the weekend- in Club 50. Meantime, a slightly unstable atmosphere with a bit of residual moisture will trigger some more puffy clouds to build this afternoon so an isolated shower cannot be ruled out. The wind will be tamer today with speeds in the range of 10-20 mph from the northwest. Plan on lots of moonshine tonight as the Full Worm Moon occurs at 5:27 tomorrow morning. Since it is the first full moon after the vernal equinox or the beginning of spring, the first Sunday following that occurrence makes it Easter Sunday on March 31.

Over the next several days, a multitude of minor disturbances will transit through the region. The next one arrives tomorrow as a weak trough of low pressure tracks southwestward from the Canadian Maritimes. It will shove a strip of clouds and snow showers into the northern mountains tomorrow afternoon. A few of these could survive the trip into our area tomorrow night to early Thursday morning. After that, another parcel of drier air will create sunnier conditions Thursday afternoon. The next impulse will travel southeastward from Ontario and create increasing clouds on Friday with a risk of a few spotty sprinkles in the afternoon. It will exit and Saturday will commence rather sunny followed by some more puffy clouds yielding perhaps a few isolated sprinkles in the afternoon. Once that feature departs, all systems are GO for a pleasant Easter Sunday. With more substantial sunshine, temperatures should easily shoot well into the 50s.

Looking ahead, there could be some increasing high cloudiness later Sunday afternoon as a vigorous frontal boundary approaches from the west. It will deliver showers in two segments. The first bundle of wet weather arrives Sunday night and ends Monday morning. The main front surges into the region Monday evening preceded by a narrow swath of healthy showers. After its departure, a mass of chilly air will rush into the Northeast making a very windy and cold next Tuesday with sunshine and passing clouds and highs in the range of 40-45.

Todd Gutner provides a fresh blog late this afternoon or early evening.

Make it a great day!


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