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Massachusetts started it more than ten years ago when the courts legalized gay marriage in one of the most liberal states in the country.  Since then, 8 states have the done the same thing.   Just as many other states  have out-right banned gay marriage and to this day, gay marriage is illegal in 41 of these 50 United States, but it’s pretty clear, that’s about to change.

The United States Supreme Court is taking on the subject…..taking on the argument started by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and if the polling trends are even close to being accurate, the argument should soon be settled…maybe sometime this summer.  Most of the experts are predicting 5-4…..one way or the other.

Looking back a couple of decades, the overwhelming majority of Americans said “no-way.”   Marriage by hundreds of years of definition is between a man and a woman and will remain that way.   Heck, one recent and very much alive former President of the United States, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton denounced same-sex married couples on the issue of federal marriage benefits.  Slick Willie and the lady he’s married to were both against same-sex marriage.   They’ve since flip-flopped.   The man who is President right now, socialist  BHO was opposed to gay marriage when making his campaign promises.   One of dozens of promises he’s reneged on, so not a surprise.   But we shouldn’t be surprised either at what’s happening in society today.   Public opinion surveys now suggest slightly more than half of all Americans support marriage rights for gays.   Not very long ago it was more like 35 percent supporting it, but the times they are a changing.

Senator Bob Portman of Ohio is a classic example of how and why things change.  He has been forever against legalized gay marriage, personally and politically.   I’ve said in the past, I’m in favor of the death penalty, unless it was my child. Same story I guess, understandably so I guess with gay marriage.    His son goes public with being gay and bingo, Portman makes the switch.

As Attorney General Martha Coakley told the Globe, the Supreme Court Justices no longer live in a bubble. They are very much aware of what’s happening in the country.  With a reported 81 percent of very young people supporting legal gay marriage……it’s gonna happen……probably a close 5-4 vote…..but it’ll happen.


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