By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – It was a moment that four local kids are certain never to forget when their dad, Army Sgt. Mousa Dassama returned from Afghanistan and surprised them at their school.

Sgt. Dassama was deployed for nine months in Afghanistan. He just returned home on a three week leave before he heads to Fort Hood.

Earlier this month, he arranged his surprise visit to Stapleton Elementary School in Framingham.

On Friday, his unsuspecting children: 5-year-old Marcia, 9-year-old Mousa Jr, 11-year-old Sallay, and 13-year-old Comfort greeted their dad with tears and open arms.

“It was awesome! I missed him a lot,” Mousa Jr. said.

“They were all crying; now they are smiling,” Sgt. Dassama said.

The soldier spent the day shaking hands and talking to all of the students about what it means to serve.

Sgt. Dassama also broke the news to his kids that he and his wife had bought them a new house in Texas.

“I have not seen the house yet, but my mom says it’s great so we are going to love it,” Comfort said.

Dassama’s wife and kids will remain in Massachusetts for the remainder of the school year before heading to Texas to live in their new home.


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