When the NFL’s free agency period started, New England fans kept a close eye on wide receiver Wes Welker. Some fans were fine with the team letting Welker walk, but the majority wanted them to re-sign Tom Brady’s go to guy.

On the second day of free agency news broke that Welker head reached a deal with the Denver Broncos, and a few days later he was officially introduced by the team.

Gresh and Zo were joined by former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe on Thursday to break down Welker’s decision to sign with the Broncos, and how Welker’s agent may have effected the decision.

How did Robert Kraft come off looking after publicly condemning Welker’s representatives.

Looking back, did Bledsoe know his days in New England were over after the 2001 Super Bowl victory? With the Tuck Rule now extinct, would the Patriots have stuck with Tom Brady going forward had the Pats lost to the Raiders that snowy night in Foxboro?


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