ARLINGTON (CBS) – An Arlington woman’s story has gone viral.

Samantha Ford’s boyfriend, Albert, is in the Army and is currently deployed overseas. On her car, she has a sticker that says “Half My Heart Is In Afghanistan.”

Sticker on Samantha Ford's car.

Sticker on Samantha Ford’s car.

Recently, she came out of a Dunkin Donuts to discover $40 and a note on her windshield that said, “Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home,” and the person thanked both of them for serving.

“I’m emotional anyways so my eyes just started tearing up,” Samantha tells WBZ-TV. “It was overwhelming.”

Ford posted a picture of the note on Facebook and it has since gotten more 1.7 million “likes.”

“It makes me feel like he is not over there for nothing,” says Samantha,”people appreciate it.”

Samantha says the person who wrote the note has made a difference in her life and she is definitely going to be paying it forward.


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