By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – The father of Aaron Swartz is speaking out after yet another hoax in his son’s name.

Swartz, an Internet activist, was facing prosecution for hacking MIT’s system when he committed suicide earlier this year.

Since then, the campus has been hacked multiple times and in one case someone called in a hoax claiming there was an armed gunman on campus. The caller said he acted in retaliation for Swartz’s death.

Now, on Wednesday, an MIT student sent an email to the student body in which he posed as the university president and claimed classes were cancelled due to threats involving the Swartz case.

MIT learned about the email and followed up with students informing them it was a hoax.

Robert Swartz, the father of Aaron Swartz, tells WBZ-TV he is against trouble being caused in his son’s name.

“Obviously we want to see things that occur in his name that are positive,” said Robert Swartz. “Clearly things with, threats and those sorts of things are not positive acts.”

The student who sent Wednesday’s email posted a lengthy apology on his personal web page. He admits using the Swartz case in the prank was insensitive. The student also said he was sorry for any fear or anger he caused.


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