The storm is behaving according to our predictions from the past couple of days. The snow will be tapering off to light during the morning commute as some mixing with sleet is probable as it moves up from the south. The rain line on the South Coast and Cape Cod will gradually advance northward toward the MA Pike and up near Boston by late morning.  The lighter precipitation will last through midday. It will pick up in tempo again this afternoon into the early evening hours. As this is happening, colder air will roll back toward the coast so where there is a mix of rain along the MA Pike, it will turn back to snow. Expect additional snowfall of 1-3″ north of the MA Pike this afternoon and evening before tapering off to light snow this evening. Boston could get a brief period of snow late afternoon or evening but less than an inch is probable over the city with only a few flakes to the south. So the total snowfall from this storm when it finally winds down this evening will be 6-8″ near Boston extending along the MA Pike ramping up t0 8-12″ across northern MA into extreme southern NH with many areas getting more than 12″ north of that zone.

The great news is that the wind, although gusty, will not be powerful as it was in recent storms. Additionally, at this time of the month, the tides are lower between new and full moon and they are called neap tides. Consequently, there should NOT be little or NO coastal flooding around the high tides of 5:15 this morning and 5:50 late this afternoon. There will be rather light northeasterly winds inland with the gusts of 20-40 along the coastal plain.

The storm center will cross over outer Cape Cod and move over the Gulf of ME this afternoon. In the upper levels, a strong impulse will come along and ramp up the precipitation this afternoon and early evening then it will exit and clearing will take place overnight.  Tomorrow will feature varying amounts of clouds and sunshine with a gusty westerly wind of 15-35 mph. There will be some flurries up north. After that, as another upper level disturbance sharpens and pinwheels our way on Thursday, it could produce another storm just offshore. There is a risk that a piece of that storm will spread up over southeastern MA with up to 1-3″ of snow later Thursday afternoon and evening but that is not certain at this time. Beyond that, a few flurries are possible especially up north on Friday but the weekend will turn out partly sunny with temperatures recovering to near average for this time of the year which is in the middle to upper 40s.

By the way, spring starts tomorrow morning at 7:02am.



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