By WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve

BOSTON (CBS) – A Cape Cod builder accused of ripping off several families for thousands of dollars was in Federal Court Tuesday.

The I-Team reported about the complaints against Donald Schulman in February.

Schulman was in court trying to protect his home from angry former customers.

Despite the sleet and snow, three families trudged to Federal Court in Post Office Square continuing to fight for their money.

Seven families claim Schulman and his Cape Cod company RDA, Realty Development Associates, ripped them off.

The families say they lost between one and two million dollars after he coerced them to pay large amounts up front but left them with modular homes no one could live in.

Schulman was actually in Federal Court filing personal bankruptcy, as he is trying to save his own home from angry families who say he ruined theirs.

Mary Whittenhall says she lost $43,000 to Schulman.

“I think he is very dishonest and even though he was under oath, I think there were a lot of mis-truths,” Whittenhall said.

David Fritsche is another homeowner who says he is out $180,000, money needed to pay a second contractor when Schulman stopped showing up.

“He expressed an interest in making good a year ago but we have not seen anything,” Fritsche said.

At his bankruptcy hearing Tuesday, it was revealed that Schulman has interest in seven properties, including one in the Caribbean.

The I-Team has learned more families plan to file suit against him in an attempt to get their money back.

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