By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

4-8″ of snow was a good rule of thumb from today’s storm with Boston picking up 7.0 and Worcester picking up 7.3″, but there were a couple of jackpot locations…elevated areas of Worcester County and towns north of Boston picked up around a foot!  The storm is on it’s last legs now with some light snow and snow showers capable of another dusting still to move through.  The energy associated with these snow showers will pass offshore after midnight and skies will clear up some as we approach dawn.  Winds are now out of the NW, advecting in colder air and by morning all will be below 30 degrees therefore icy spots are likely to develop…watch your step in the morning and be on alert for black ice.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring…I know, it’s comical…it won’t look or feel like it with a cold wind, fresh blanket of snow and temps not much better than 40.  It will be nice to see some snow however :-)

On to the next storm which will be a huge ocean gale well south and east of New England but on the NW side of the storm, a trough of low pressure is expected to form.  This will focus lift along the coastline leading to a period of snow late Thursday through Thursday night.  These troughs can be tough to predict but at this point it looks like a couple of inches will be possible along the coast with the Cape and the Islands the most likely spot to see enhanced snowfall leading to several inches and maybe as many as 6″.


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