BOSTON (CBS) – The brick oven is blazing and what it does to pizza is amazing. That’s why it’s at the heart of every Bertucci’s.

“You walk into any Bertucci’s and you can spot the brick oven from the time you walk through the door, so the brick oven in really at the core of what we do.”

Bertucci’s began in the Boston area in the 1980’s. Today, there are almost a hundred locations along the East Coast and they’re all overseen by Executive Chef and Vice President, Jeff Tenner.

Tenner makes sure that from the warm and addictive rolls, to the thin crust pizzas and hearty pastas, to the sweet and comforting desserts, everything is made from scratch, the right way.

“It’s the combination of the care and the handcrafted nature, and all those steps that really make it special,” he says.

So all your favorites are as good as ever, like the grilled Tuscan Chicken Wings marinated in lemon and rosemary, the Sporkie pizza with Sweet Italian sausage and ricotta and the Ultimate Bertucci, overloaded with meatballs, ham, chicken, and sausage.

Chef Jeff has also created plenty of new items to keep things fresh. There’s a selection of small plates, made for sharing and a variety of pizzas made on multigrain dough, all designed to taste great and make customers feel like they’re guests in Jeff’s kitchen.

“Whenever you have a party, whenever you’re home, the kitchen always becomes that hub, so that’s what my life is like, it’s that opportunity to always be in that heart of the house, in that center of where things happen, and you never you hungry, you always have friends, and just being around food everyday is a really great thing.”

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