A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Saw that quote today authored by Lily Tomlin….not sure when….but the entire quote is “we’re all in this together…by ourselves.”   Man is that the truth…..”by ourselves” because nobody just wants to get along anymore..    Hell I don’t think even Rodney King wants to get along anymore. Is he dead?    Yup……couldn’t even get along with himself.    So much weird stuff going on right now………..Oh Happy Birthday to D.J. Fontana….the drummer for Elvis Presley….now 82 years old.   Unbelievable drummer!!    Speaking of being in this together (by ourselves) what are you thoughts on Pope Francis.   I’m seen and heard of reluctant witnesses, but he just might be the winner.   I get the feeling this humble man from Buenos Aires, via Italy, wanted nothing to do with the Papacy and clearly is not pleased at all that he’s gotta wear that silly hat ’till he dies.    Love the picture of him, 48-hours before becoming the leader of a few billion Catholics around the world, checking out of his hotel room, carrying his own bags, paying the bar bill before heading for the Vatican to vote for someone else.   Probably can’t take the bus to this job anymore!!!!   Kidding!!!!

TSA says it’s okay to carry a knife now onto commercial airliners.    Brilliant don’t ya think?  They’ll still be shakin’ down old ladies in wheelchairs and turning little kids upside down looking for bombs, but knives……..no problem.   I just don’t get it. (one of many things)  But hey, we’re all in this together right?

Two things from Florida right now, you’ve gotta check out the scandal going on right with so-called internet cafes.  These little storefront gambling joints have popped up all over the state, despite the good sense of any clear thinking person, but a bunch of indictments were just handed down over the alleged racketeering and corruption going on…..involving, get this….”Allied Veterans of the World” which runs them and suspected felons are dropping like flies all over this state…….attorneys, top law enforcement officers and the Lt. Governor of Florida who quit rather than face the consequences in court as a top constitutional officer.    Also from Florida, if you’ve ever been to South Beach in Miami…..you know of Joe’s Stone Crab….the hottest joint on the sleazy strip.   A one pound serving of Stone Crab right now?   $80.  Yikes!!!   Then again, the show that goes with it, just gawking at the passersby on the street is sometimes worth it.

Did you hear Jodi Arias has PTSD?     I’m betting Jodi can’t even spell PTSD, but ya know what, shooting your boyfriend through the head a couple of times, cutting his throat ear-to-ear and stabbing him 26 times…….that just might cause post traumatic stress disorder.   We understand Jodi….we’re all in this together……by ourselves.


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