BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not things that make us happy, it’s events that create our memories.

So consider treating your family and create some memories for everyone with the refund. But a word of caution, it’s not beneficial if you create debt creating those memorable moments.

If your credit card debt is paid off consider stashing the money in a Christmas Club. I know it is nine months away but having Christmas covered so you don’t go into debt is a very good financial move. You could also then take advantage of the sales throughout the year so you are not crazed come December.

How about a family vacation? You could do something during April vacation or wait until the summer. Think of the fun you will have creating the memories while planning. I always found that half the fun of the trip was the planning.

We would entertain ideas from everyone and vote on them. When the kids were old enough they had do some of the research. Then we would we vote again. Road trip? How much time would we spend getting there? Should we fly? Could we afford to fly?

If a trip to Disney World isn’t covered by the refund start a vacation fund and have everyone contribute what they can and when you have enough dollars you go. Again, you don’t want to end up using credit to pay for the trip.

By making it a future trip you are teaching the kids about saving for something they want to do rather than going into debt to get there. By not staying at the Disney resort you can save a bundle on hotels. And in the summer the park is open late so you can come and go easily.

And if you are single, blow it on a vacation or an experience you always wanted to try. Sky Diving? Not my first choice but it’s your vacation. As for me I vote for the Tuscan sun.


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