BOSTON (CBS) – A new fast food chain with a cult following along the East Coast is coming to Massachusetts.

Shake Shack will open Wednesday at 11 a.m. in The Street Chestnut Hill on Route 9.

Shake Shack Shake. (Credit: Shake Shack Facebook)

Shake Shack Shake. (Credit: Shake Shack Facebook)

The shack bills itself as a modern roadside burger stand started in 2001 in Madison Square Park in New York City.

The stand drew long lines and eventually expanded to stores throughout New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C. and Florida.

To win a Shake Shack Massachusetts T-shirt, the chain is asking their fans to tell them how far they will go to be first in line at the new location.

“Local residents and Boston College students alike will enjoy all the beloved Shake Shack classics, as well as an exclusive selection of rich creamy frozen custard concretes,” the company said on its’ Facebook page.

In addition to shakes, the chain sells burgers, and in some locations, beer and wine.

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