WEBSTER (CBS) – A Webster man is accused of impersonating a police officer to stalk a young woman.

Webster Police say 24-year-old William Ferrante was using a blue light similar to the ones used in police cars.

Ferrante told police that he used the light to “slow cars down” when they sped past him on the highway.

Earlier this month, a woman was driving on I-395 when Ferrante allegedly put on his blue light behind her. She pulled over and he passed, only to slow down again and pull behind her with the blue light.

The woman then drove to her boyfriend’s house and Ferrante followed. At the victim’s boyfriend’s home, Ferrante approached her and demanded her license, identifying himself as a military police officer.

Ferrante was arrested for impersonating a police officer and is being held on $240.00 bail. He will be arraigned on Thursday.


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