By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – His family says Cameron Fitzpatrick had a way of drawing people in.

“He carried himself so well and he had a smile that lit up the room,” his mother Robin Fitzpatrick said.

He loved his life and was known in his Plymouth community as the “Big Deal.”

“He was such a big deal. When that kid shows up you know he was there,” his sister Kayla said.

Cameron was 19-years-old and had a severe peanut allergy.

He died Friday after eating a cookie with peanut butter in it. The cookie was given to him by a friend.

“It was the nut oil that killed him. It suffocated him,” his mother said.

Cameron was a great student and was currently a freshman at Bryant University. He loved sports and had a passion for hockey.

“He drove everybody to be better and we strove to be the best in everything we did,” his friend Nick Costa said.

At the age of nine, Cameron wrote his own bucket list of things he wanted to achieve. One of the goals was to live to 100-years-old.

“I never thought a nut allergy would take my son’s life. He was a huge responsible child that questioned everything. It was a freak accident that happened,” his mother said.


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