BOSTON (CBS) – Perfectly smoked ribs, impossibly juicy brisket and ultra-crispy fried chicken.

If you’re hungry for food with a whole lot of soul, then SoulFire is the place for you.

Located on Harvard Avenue in Allston, with a second location in Brigham Circle, SoulFire serves authentic slow smoked barbecue just the way owner Wyeth Lynch likes it.

“I love the process of barbecue, I love eating it. I think from a business perspective I just love the idea that we’re providing people with something that they either don’t have the equipment or the time to cook for themselves.”

And the man doing the cooking is SoulFire’s Pitmaster Jason Tremblay.

Tremblay keeps the smoker fired up with hickory wood, and filled up with meats smoked in all kinds of styles.

“We do a little North Carolina style with the pulled pork with the vinegar based sauce. Dry rubbed ribs, no sauce on them so you can put sauce on them if you like. Texas style brisket, salt and pepper dry rubbed, smoked overnight 12 to 14 hours,” Tremblay says.

All the rubs are homemade, and so are the sauces, which are always served on the side.

Besides the barbecue, SoulFire’s wings are out of this world. You can order them golden Southern Fried style or tossed and sauced with spicy buffalo, or sweet barbecue.

And while the food here comes straight from the heart, the dining room is filled with soul.

Classic soul music fills the room, soul album covers are embedded into the bar and there’s a giant soul inspired mural on the wall.

For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on myTV 38.


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