By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

NEWTON (CBS) – Newton Police are looking for a man who may be behind two recent attacks at the city library.

On Wednesday, a patron studying in a private second floor room left his laptop unattended when he went to use the restroom. He returned to find the computer missing, but he saw the suspect leaving and chased him.

According to Newton Police Lieutenant Bruce Apotheker, “The victim actually was able to grab ahold of the suspect’s jacket and he wouldn’t let it go. He kept saying, ‘Give me my computer back!'”

Sketch of suspect from January assault in Newton.

Sketch of suspect from January assault in Newton.

The men ended up fighting, and the suspect threw the laptop back at the victim before running away. The victim was punched several times in the head and face. By the time he got the laptop back, the screen had been smashed.

“We don’t encourage people to get involved in any sort of physical violence with somebody. So it turned out well that there were no serious injuries,” said Apotheker.

In a similar incident last January, a suspect grabbed an elderly man’s computer bag off of his shoulder as he walked out of the library, shoving him to the ground.

Tonight, police think it might be the same suspect. Anyone with information is asked to contact Newton Police.


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