VATICAN CITY (CBS) – There are still a few cardinals missing at the Vatican and until they arrive, the conclave to elect a new pope can’t begin.

115 cardinals are eligible to vote in the election. As of Monday, a Vatican spokesman said 110 were present.

Once they’re all in attendance they can set a date for the conclave.

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The College of Cardinals has 15 days to start a conclave after the death or resignation of a pope.

Boston Archbishiop Cardinal Sean O’Malley told reporters Tuesday Boston might have something to do with that window of time.

“I don’t know whether this is myth or not, but I’m told that the 15 days that are in the document were provided for cardinals to arrive because the Archbishop of Boston missed one or two conclaves because of the boat trip from the states, so now they give you 15 days to get there. So, some cardinals are obviously taking full advantage of the 15 days.”

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O’Malley was also asked if he became pope would he still wear his brown friar robes.

“I have worn this uniform for over 40 years and I presume I will wear it until I will die because I don’t expect to be elected pope,” he told reporters.

“I don’t expect to have a change of wardrobe.”


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