HOPEDALE (CBS) – Health Agent Leonard Izzo says he is frustrated after a dog walker continues to shove plastic bags full of dog waste down town storm drains.

Izzo told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 a resident told the town he saw a dog walker pick up the animal’s feces and then shove the bag down a drain.

When town officials investigated, they found six storm drains filled with more than 200 plastic bags of dog poop.

“They walk the dogs, they take the trouble of picking up the dog feces, put it in the plastic bag and then they walk to the storm drain and stuff it in the storm drain,” Izzo said.

After town staff removed all the bags, Izzo said they went back and found more had been added.

A reverse emergency notification message was sent to the homes in the area.

Since the bags mix with dirt and road sand, Izzo says the contents of the bags and the bags must be cleaned and sent to a special incinerator on the town’s dime.

“The worst part about it is it gets flushed into the storm drains and it flows out into the wetlands area so now we’ve got plastic bags all floating out in the wetlands,” Izzo said.

Izzo says he is frustrated and hopes after the recent notification went out to area residents, the problem will stop.


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