By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It shouldn’t come as any surprise…another Winter week, another Winter storm is on the way.  This one will be a big one but there is still question as to how far north the storm will get.

Before we get to the storm, we have to get rid of the one that’s to our NE first.  We have been stuck in a very gloomy pattern all because the atmosphere is bottled up and stagnant.  That storm is still swirling to our east and clouds are still the rule of thumb along with an occasional snow shower.  The storm will finally weaken on Wednesday and begin to move farther east but as soon as that storm moves out another will move in.

The next storm will have a huge impact on the East Coast.  A large coastal storm will form off the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Wednesday and slowly drift north over the next couple of days.  The storm will have all the fixings that a typical nor’easter would…cold rain, wet snow, wind and coastal flooding…the question is how bad will these elements be.  Being that the storm will be so large and slow moving there is little doubt that the coastline will take a beating.  Tides aren’t running that high for the time of the month but it won’t matter with the storm spinning offshore for about two days wind and large waves will throw water up against the shoreline.  Moderate to major beach erosion will occur and the most vulnerable beaches will be the east and northeast facing ones.  Because of the countless storms this Winter the coast has already been battered and weakened and some shore roads may take on water as well.

The storm’s center will never get up to our latitude but moisture and precip will spiral north from its center.  Cold rain and wet snow begin working in late Wednesday and bands will rotate north into Southern New England through Friday.  There will be a fine line between cold rain and wet snow and a rain snow line will likely be in play with this storm somewhere in Eastern MA.  How much total precip is still in question as well and this will have a huge impact on final snow totals here in Southern New England.  In the end, accumulating snow this time of year is dificult…the sun angle is higher, any wind off the water warms the surface air…snow in March is highly elevation and nighttime dependent.  These are all factors we will be following as we get closer to the storm as a heavy wet snow accumulation is quite possible and likely for some.

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