DEDHAM (CBS) – Firefighters spent two hours trying to rescue a teenager who wound up stuck waist deep in a muddy swamp Friday night in Dedham.

Officials say they think the 17-year-old, who was not identified, was hanging out with friends in the woods off East Street.

At some point, the teenager made his way over to Wigwam Pond, and wound up stuck in the icy water and mud.

The teen spent about 45 minutes calling for help before a worker at a nearby nursing home worker heard him and called police.

Once firefighters arrived, it took two hours to get to the victim and free him. The rescue required cold weather suits and a sled to tow him out.

One of the rescue’s hurdles, officials say, was the teenager’s size.

He’s described as being 6′ 4″, and 300 lbs, with size 16 Air Jordan shoes.

He was taken to Norwood Hospital to be treated for hypothermia, but is expected to be okay.

Westwood firefighters assisted with the rescue.


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