By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Just saying it makes you feel good, especially knowing that while not out of the woods yet, we are making steady progress towards warmer days.  The average high temp on March 1st is 42 degrees by March 31st the average high will be 51 degrees.  The other thing you will notice the most in March is the increasing daylight…sunset times go from 5:34PM to 7:09PM…there is also Daylight Saving Time on March 10th.  However, we aren’t completely in the clear in fact on average March drops 7 inches of snow on Boston.

More good news…for the first time in weeks, we will not have a large weekend storm.  With that said, we won’t be snow-free.  A stationary upper level storm system will sit and spin over New England this will lock in clouds for the majority of time and occasionally produce snow showers.  A few spokes of moisture will rotate down the Maine coastline and spread some snow showers into Southern New England Saturday night and early Sunday morning…a thin coating will be possible.

Eventhough this upper level storm creates a gloomy pattern it also creates a benign one…but when it finally moves on, look out!  This will happen middle of next week with the development of a large East Coast storm that will produce cold rain, wet snow, wind and coastal flooding.  All locations from the Carolinas to Maine will be on the storm watch next week.


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