BOSTON (CBS) — New York newspapers aren’t always fair, accurate or reliable, but man, they can really be funny sometimes.

That’s on display quite often in the sports pages, and it was the case on Friday morning in the New York Daily News.

Gary Myers wrote a column which suggested the Patriots could sign Darrelle Revis as a free agent after the 2013 season, arguing it’s imperative for the Jets to trade Revis before the deadline or sign him long term in order to prevent the potentially disastrous situation of Revis sporting a Patriots jersey.

To drive the point home, the paper ran a large image of Revis rocking a blue No. 24 Patriots jersey, with inset photos of smiling Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Darrelle Revis shown in a Patriots jersey in a NY Daily News column (Screen shot from

Darrelle Revis shown in a Patriots jersey in a NY Daily News column (Screen shot from

“It would be humiliating for the Jets if Revis, one of the top five players in franchise history, packs up and leaves for New England in the prime of his career,” Myers wrote, before running down other potential suitors and adding, “No matter what happens, [Jets owner Woody] Johnson can’t let Belichick get him.”

The story isn’t based off any real information, and is only backed up by an “NFL source” saying “It’s not that far-fetched,” but still, that image of Revis in a Patriots jersey is likely to ruin more than a few weekends for Jets fans who were just hoping to catch up on sports news when they opened the paper on Friday.


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