By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

A mainly cloudy day is in store for this last day of February 2013. It has definitely turned out to be a snowy month. 34″ of snow fell this month in Boston (+23.5″), and Worcester received 44.4″ (+29.3″). Worcester could see a few more flakes just before February makes its official exit too.

Today will be cloudy with showers spiraling in after the 4pm hour. Highs will be in the middle to upper 40s. Tonight: A light rain/snow mix will continue. For some of the higher elevations of Central Massachusetts as well as southeastern Mass., a quick burst of snow could add up to a coating to an inch or so by early Friday morning.

On Friday, March ’13 will make its debut! It’s looking more like a ‘lamb’ as opposed to a ‘lion’. Highs will be around average…lower to middle 40s. *Meteorologically-speaking, this is the arrival of the Spring Season as well!*

This first weekend of March will be fairly quiet. Temperatures will be seasonal in the 40-45F range. ‘More clouds than sun’ will be the rule of thumb. Since we will be under the influence of a 500H trough/low, we will have the slight chance of a few afternoon diurnal flurries.

One Alarm Clock Away…
~Melissa :)


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