The Bruins are looking to make it five wins in a row as they host the Ottawa Senator, who are on a four game winning streak of their own, Thursday night at the Garden.

Bruins legend Ray Bourque joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zo Thursday afternoon to discuss how the shortened schedule affects players, the B’s struggles on the power play, and the play of his son Chris.

Bourque knows what players are going through this year, playing a strike-shortened season in 1994-95. How does it change things for players with this hurried schedule?

“Well I think it’s key to get off to the kind of start that the Bruins have gotten off. I think when this thing started up again everybody was talking on the importance of getting off to a great start and everybody kind of thought that the Bruins would be in pretty good shape to be able to do that because of all their people that they had coming back, the number of players that they had playing in Europe and also the coaching staff and systems being in place.”

Bourque was a prominent member of the power play unit during his playing days, so what are his thoughts on the struggles that have plagued the Bruins the last few seasons?

“It’s been tough lately. I think just the lack of power plays that they’ve had over the course of the last six games really doesn’t allow them to get into a groove.”

“I think the people they have out there, in terms of people playing certain spots, are pretty good. I think where they run into trouble sometimes is just setting up, getting into the zone.”

“It’s something that definitely has to get better. I think it will with the players they have on it and I know they’ve been working on it.”

Is the power play overemphasized a little bit given Boston’s dominance on the penalty kill? And what does Bourque think of his son, Chris, donning the spoked-B?

Plus, Bourque gives his thoughts on the NHL’s realignment plan.


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