By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Police are warning East Boston neighbors after five street robberies over a five day span. The first occurred last Thursday. The latest, Monday. “I’m shocked. I’m really shocked,” said Molly Hale, who lives near Maverick Square.

In all five robberies, the suspects are targeting people walking along the street, taking things like cash, a wallet, and phones. The times ranged from 10:49pm to 11:23pm to 1:20am to 6:00am.

“Anytime there is a rash of robberies in East Boston I get concerned because it doesn’t happen a lot,” City Council Sal LaMattina said. He represents East Boston and got the alert from police, along with word that patrols were being stepped up. “That’s happening, now there are some plain clothes men in East Boston particularly around the Maverick Square, Jeffries Point area and near the Bremen Street Park,” he said. Robberies were reported on and around Bremen and Orleans Streets.

He worries the thieves are targeting hard-working people coming to and from their jobs.

“People just need to be aware at night-time particularly,” he said.

In each robbery there are two to three suspects. In two cases, guns were shown. There were two where they had bandanas over their faces. “I can’t imagine the fear that someone is facing when someone has a gun and a bandana at them trying to rob them or assault them,” LaMattina said.

Police say this is an active investigation and they’re looking to see if the robberies are connected. “It’s going to turn into someone getting hurt,” worried East Boston resident Scott Sarro. Officers want to catch the thieves before that happens.

“Everybody’s wearing headphones now they’re texting this and that and the other thing so nobody really pays attention so,” Sarro said. “I’m always alert.

He hopes his neighbors hear the warning and take it seriously. “It is very important. It just makes you and makes everybody aware,” he said.


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