BOSTON (CBS) — It’s not uncommon these days for professional athletes to share nearly every detail of their lives via social media. Tom Brady doesn’t exactly fit into the group of players who tweet or share much personal information on the Internet, but the quarterback made a special exception on Monday.

Brady signed a three-year contract extension worth $27 million, significantly less money than he’s worth. Brady hasn’t spoken publicly regarding his new contract, but his official Facebook page offered the following reaction:

“Just Win.”

Brady’s Facebook page appears to be run by someone with more free time than Brady, but a message like that likely needed to be passed on from Brady himself in order to get sent out across the web.

Brady’s message came through in more than just words, as his action of signing the deal will go a long way in helping the Patriots win. His change in pay will allow the Patriots to spend $15 million more in free agency the next two years, as Brady’s made it clear he’s prioritizing winning over making money in the final years of his Hall of Fame career.

Tom Brady's Facebook status

Tom Brady’s Facebook status

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