By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Thank you may I have another…Mother Nature is throwing another big storm our way but rain will be the biggest player rather than snow.  An area of low pressure will travel to our west sending an active warmfront into Southern New England.  Precip will arrive during the predawn hours and may start as snow in most spots but the mild surface air will prevent anything more than the thinnest slushy coating from accumulating at the start.  The airmass in place here in New England is marginally cold enough for snow and with no cold high pressure zone to our north to lock in that marginally cold air, stiff east winds will allow milder maritime air to swarm in and penetrate inland.  Thus any snow will quickly change over to rain inside of 495.  Cold air will hang on a little longer west and north of there especially in elevated areas and amounts will climb…a couple of slushy inches and roads will get a little slushy.  The hills in Worcester County and the mountains of Northern New England especially will pick up some hefty snow amounts and some of the ski resorts could get over a foot!  Rain and snow should taper off and shift farther north Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, the surface low in Upstate New York will traverse the State…this will spawn a few rain and snow showers.

Finally, Thursday night and Friday there is another chance for a couple of inches.  The surface low will strengthen to our east over the ocean and the upper level energy will energize the backside of the storm.  The result…snow will break out along and near the coast with the possibility of a couple of inches just before and during the Friday morning commute…something we are watching.


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