Boston Bruins President Cam Neely joined Felger and Massarotti on Tuesday and discussed the team not playing to its full potential despite a strong record, Milan Lucic’s actions on the ice on Sunday, the effects of a condensed schedule, and a potential outdoor game at Gillette Stadium.

“We’ve found ways to win, we’ve found ways to come back,” Neely said of the Bruins. “We’ve also found ways to lose a couple of games, but overall we’re pleased with the way that we’re playing and we do honestly feel that we can play better.”

Regarding Lucic’s double-minor penalty and 10-minute misconduct against the Panthers, Neely said he had no problem with the winger’s outburst, which came after he was hit from behind into the boards.

“You feel like you’re gonna get a penalty drawn, and it goes the other way, and he kind of snapped. I’ve been there, believe me I’ve been there,” said Neely. “Quite honestly, I don’t have a problem with Looch losing his cool there. I really don’t. I don’t know what was said to the referee … but I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t want Looch to have 10-minute misconducts on a regular basis. I’d rather have him on the ice, as we all would. But he was steamed.”

Among the many stories around the league, there have been reports that the NHL could have multiple outdoor games in future seasons. While Neely didn’t comment on any specific opportunity, he said the team would embrace any opportunity to play a game at Gillette Stadium.

“I’ve read what you’ve read and I’ve heard about that. We would certainly welcome that if we had the opportunity to do that,” Neely said. “I think it was certainly a great experience at Fenway [in 2010]. But I think just the opportunities that we could do as an organization at a different venue, especially with more space outside the actual venue to be able to be able to do a lot more things with primarily youth hockey. I think it would be exciting to try.”

Michael Felger also asked Neely if he had any solutions to goal scoring being down across the board in the NHL.

“I think the goalie equipment is too big. I really do,” Neely said. “I don’t know if anybody can tell me that with today’s technology, that goalies can’t be as protected within their body with smaller equipment. That’s just my personal feeling. I don’t like the idea of expanding the nets. That doesn’t really appeal to me.

“I think the goalies are certainly bigger than they have been, but if you go back and look at goalie equipment 15-20 years ago and look at it today, it is crazy.

“I honestly believe that they’ve got to take a long, hard look at goaltending equipment if they want the scoring to go up.”

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Neely Talks the Condensed Schedule, Potential Realignment, and the Lack of Goals” artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

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