A Blog by Gary LaPierre

So, have you had enough of Hollywood to last another lifetime?    Oh my God, it seems like nobody has been talking about anything except the brainless movie world for the past month or more.   Last night finally put everything into “overload” mode and wouldn’t you know it, turn on the TV, the radio or open a newspaper this morning and what have you got…..another review of the whole thing.   Clearly I’m not a big movie goer, though I did see Les Miserables, Zero Dark 30, Lincoln and Argo.   More movies in 3 months than I’ve seen in the past 3 years….all of which were very entertaining and well done….but where Hollywood loses me is when the public at large hangs on every word spoken by these actors, away from the movie itself.   This adulation of stardom eludes me since the huge majority of them are not the least bit bright, but our interviewers jump right in there and ask the probing question…….”who are you wearing…..you look stunning?”    Alright, enough of that.

How much of the Dulltona 500 did you watch?    Except for the day before the big race, it sure was dull at Daytona.   They tried to make Danica the focus of attention because the GoDaddy girl had the pole position, but everyone knew at best, top ten.   She finished 8th after 500 miles of left-hand turns.  Oh by the way, NASCAR officials had better do something about the safety fencing around that track, to prevent what happened on Saturday, or that sport will return to the days of days of Hee-Haw on a dirt track in Georgia…….sort of what happened to the sport of wrestling in the Olympics.  By the way, what a shame wrestling is being dropped from the summer Olympics.   Since 1896, it has been an Olympic sport and still should be, but in my opinion, it has caved to the bloodthirsty world of cage fighting.  Boxing has been soundly diminished and now wrestling has been eliminated by the publics apparent desire to take off the gloves, punch and kick bare-fisted and bare-toed, knee and choke the opponent and break bones until he “taps-out”, or is unable to on his own and we call that a sport.   Ultimate Fighters?   That’s garbage Jerry Springer fans!

Then again….what does it all matter.     The leader of the Free World says Armageddon is coming this Friday.   Some say it’s simply sequestering, which the leader of the Free World personally proposed and signed into law, but it appears now “Mr. Little” is having a change of heart.  So what are we going to do about those stubborn Republicans?


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