By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – Yet another in a series of intense weekend ocean storms…our third weekend in a row…and each much different than the last.

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Lots of moisture with this storm but much of it is being wrung out as rain over southeastern Massachusetts, even a few reports of thunder and lightning!

Where it was snowing for most of the day (north and west of Boston) there are 1-3 inches of cement like snow near 128 and 495. Farther northwest into Worcester county and parts of Southern New Hampshire as much as 3-6″ of slop has accumulated. Measuring this stuff is almost as hard as moving it…there is such a high water content that it immediately compacts upon impact.

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In a normal snow storm about 1″ of liquid precipitation generally equates to 10″ of snow…this time that ratio is much lower. In fact ratios are about as low as they can get as temperatures are literally fractions of a degree between rain and snow…so an inch of liquid may only produce 2 or 3″ of heavy, wet snow.

The rain/snow line is collapsing south at this hour, headed for the South Shore and eventually the rain will transition to snow in all of Southern New England by later this afternoon.

However, at the same time, the actual storm is pulling away from our coast, taking the heavier precipitation with it. So, there will be a gradual weakening of the intensity of the snow this evening and tonight and by the time temperatures cool enough for the snow to start to really stick, it will be shutting off. The final flurries should exit the coast around or just after midnight tonight.

If you are aching to get out and shovel, you can get started now, but there may be another inch or two by the time it all ends later.

Temperatures will drop a few degrees below freezing in most of the ‘burbs late tonight, so untreated surfaces will ice up by Monday morning.

Thankfully we get a few days off before our next storm arrives on Wednesday, this one another rain/snow mix.

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