BOSTON (CBS) – The FDA approval of the breast cancer drug Kadcyla is getting a welcome reception from a local oncologist.

WBZ’s Diane Stern spoke with Dr. Eric Winer, Director of the Breast Oncology Center at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Kadcyla combines the drug Herceptin, with a powerful chemotherapy drug and a third chemical. The cocktail binds to a cancer cell, delivering a double-shot of anti-tumor poison.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Diane Stern reports

“It is a big deal,” Winer says. “We’ve actually been working with the drug at Dana Farber since 2006 or 2007. We have had a series of clinical trials, and it is a drug that is both highly effective and has very few side effects.”

Dr. Winer says he expects to be able to treat patients with the drug in a matter of weeks.

The drug is estimated to cost $94,000 a year. “I’m not surprised that that’s the price-point,” said Weiner. “That’s not far from the price of many similar drugs that have recently been developed. In this case, the one thing I can say is, it’s a really good drug.”


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