Gresh and Zo go “no huddle” around the NFL with help from Hardy commenting on everything from names that intrigue them in this coming NFL Draft and what the best strategy is for the Patriots in this offseason.

1. Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis had a little tweet beef. Revis took to Twitter on Wednesday and took a couple of shots at Sherman saying, “I never seen a man before run his mouth so much like a girl,” that Sherman is “putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety.” He went on telling Sherman, “Sit down, young pup and wait your turn.”

It’s not clear exactly what set Revis off today, but Sherman has said in several media appearances that he considers himself to be the game’s premier shutdown corner, and he also posted an image on Twitter comparing his own stats with Revis’ implying that he has been the superior player.

And when Sherman saw Revis’ tweet today, he couldn’t help but respond saying on Twitter, “My season stats looking like Revis career stats.”

2. Jeff Howe says the Patriots will meet with Kyle Arrington’s reps at the Combine this week. Do you want to see him back in New England next year?

3. Joe Flacco could get franchised by the Ravens. If you’re a team in need of a quarterback would you give up two first round draft picks to sign him?

4. Safety was a big issue at the Competition Committee Meetings this week. The biggest potential rule change may be the way helmets are used in the future.

Currently players can be penalized for hitting defenseless receivers and hitting players above the neck with the crown of the helmet. One possibility is expanding the rule to make it illegal to target any player on the field and any body part with the top of the helmet.

If the new rule is adopted it would be expanded to cover running backs and receivers dipping their heads and using the top of the helmet to drive the pile backward.

5. It’s early, but name one guy you’re intrigued by in this year’s NFL Draft.

6. The guys discuss these tweets from Adam Schefter:


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