BOSTON (CBS) – Jordan Crawford is with the Boston Celtics in Phoenix, and ready to make his debut against the Suns on Friday night.

Now he just has to shake off some post-deadline day nerves.

“I was nervous more than anything (when hearing about the trade),” he admitted at the team’s shoot-around Friday in Phoenix. “It’s the Boston Celtics. You hear about them when you’re growing up, so just to be on the team is an honor.”

The Celtics are hoping Crawford, who they received from the Washington Wizards for Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins on Thursday, can give them a spark off the bench. Before falling out of favor in Washington, Crawford put up 12 different 20+ point nights for the Wizards, including one against the C’s early in the season.

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Now that he’s donning Celtics green, he just wants to help any way he can.

“Just to come in and be myself, help this team,” he said of his expectations in Boston. “They’re doing a great job closing out a lot of wins with a depleted lineup. I’m  just going to come in and help with whatever they need.”

One of the benefits of a young player coming to Boston is the collection of veteran players to help guide them. The 24-year-old Crawford will be no exception, and will take the help with open arms.

“It can benefit me a lot because I’m still in my third year so there is still a lot to learn,” he said. “Now I’m with a lot of guys that know how to play the game and make it easier on you. I’m looking forward to it.”

Crawford had a fairly public incident with new teammate Kevin Garnett during last season’s NBA lockout, when the two bumped heads during a workout. Crawford was apparently doing a little too much talking, and Garnett let him know with a little love tap to the back of the head.

Crawford, who will wear #27 with Boston, said on Friday the incident was blown out of proportion and he looks forward to feeding off KG’s intensity.

“It was never a thing. It was just basketball. Now we’re on the same team,” he said, anxious to work with Garnett. “Just to see his intensity every game should help you get up for every game and bring your best.”

One thing Crawford doesn’t lack is confidence. Doc Rivers said that is both his best and worst asset, but Crawford says it’s the key to his success.

“My confidence is what got me here,” he said. “It allows me, when I’m struggling to still believe in myself, and when I’m playing good to do things to help the team win. It helps me get through things.”


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