BOSTON (CBS) –  There’s a new feel to Red Sox Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida this Spring, but it appears the same old Alfredo Aceves is up to his usual tricks and tirades.

Over the weekend Aceves did not follow the team’s instructions while tossing live batting practice, opting to use it more as a warm-up session rather than go full speed as instructed. This got him stern talking-tos from pitching coach Juan Nieves and manager John Farrell.

But Aceves has a history of causing headaches throughout his major league career, and it may be in Boston’s best interest to cut ties with the flaky pitcher.

CSNNE’s Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Johnston and Flynn from Fort Myers on Wednesday, and said the Red Sox do have an enticing option when it comes to dealing with Aceves.

The pitcher’s $2.6 million deal is not guaranteed, and there are a pair of dates in March – the 13th and 27th — where the Red Sox can walk away from the deal and only have to pay a portion of it.

“Just releasing him, if it gets to that point and it’s not something they’re about to do, but it’s in their back pocket if he continues to act up the way he did on Sunday. They won’t have to worry about finding a taker or worrying about someone taking the whole salary off their hands,” said McAdam, adding a move like that would send a message from the front office.

“They could make a very clear statement to that clubhouse and the rest of the organization that says we just ate half-a-million dollars rather than put up with this guy,” said McAdam. “That remains an option on the table.”

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“This guy is, to put it nicely, volatile at times. The expectation that all of a sudden he’s going to be the good citizen, all while not filling the role he wants to – which is to start – is a hoping for more than is realistic,” added McAdam. “That said, he’s been put on warning that if these things continue to happen there will be consequences. But I’m not sure that message takes.”

What would you do with Aceves? Let us know in the comments section!


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