By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

An area of low pressure is traveling to our west with cold and snow but we are on the warmer side of the storm and a trailing coldfront is sliding through this evening with rain.  Some of the rain will be briefly heavy as a weak wave of low pressure develops along the front but rain should taper off around midnight and skies will partially clear later tonight.  While most of what we see will be rain by tomorrow morning temps will dip down below 32 in most communities and numerous icy spots will from so please watch your step and be on the look out for black ice on the roads.

The next couple of days will feel a lot more like the Winter we know…cold and windy creating icy windchill values both tomorrow and Thursday.

Friday may end up being the nicest of the week as the wind will go calm, ample sun and temps near 40…should give us a February gem.

Then we get to the weekend and once again the storm threat increases.  A weak northern storm will migrate into the Northeast creating a few drops or flakes on Saturday.  While that system drifts into New England, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will be pooling to our south waiting to get tapped.  A piece of energy diving out of the Plains will dig the trough into the South capturing the southern moisture and drawing it northward creating a sizeable coastal storm.  Unlike the last two however, there is no cold Canadian high pressure system to our north so there may be a rain snow line to contend with.  Nothing is set in stone yet but all eyes will be on this developing storm for the weekend over the next couple of days.


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