Gresh, Zo and Hardy took some time away from discussing the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox for a bit because there are so many other stories in the world of sports.

So the guys went “no huddle” this afternoon, discussing some bizarre stories in the world of sports.

1. Famed South African runner Oscar Pistorius is being charged with intentionally murdering his girlfriend. He says he shot her, thinking she was burglar. The guys took a look at his account of the events from the night of the shooting. Does his story seem believable or are there too many holes?

2. This past weekend was the NBA All-Star Weekend and Toronto Raptors guard Terrence Ross won the dunk contest. No big NBA stars compete in the contest and fans are losing interest in the event. How would you fix the dunk contest?

3. The “Harlem Shake” is an Internet dance sensation and all kinds of groups are making their own videos. A Rockland County high school hockey team made a video that school officials didn’t care for. Officials were so upset over the video that they pulled the team from Sunday’s single-elimination first-round playoff game against Lakeland/Panas. Did the school overreact?

4. California coach Mike Montgomery shoved one of his own players in the chest during a game on Sunday night. Montgomery yelled at star guard Allen Crabbe for nonchalant play and then shoved him in the chest with both hands. Did the coach cross the line?


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