MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – The fire was massive and it is a miracle the 12 people living in the various apartments got out safely.

Brandy Jones was in the shower when the fire alarms started sounding.

“Then all of a sudden smoke started billowing into my house and took the bathroom over,” said Jones. “And my first thought was to just get low to the ground and save my animals, unfortunately that wasn’t the case.”

She found her dog Sadie as smoke-filled her third-floor apartment.

“Grabbed my dog, put her on the leash, right as I was out the door she wiggled out of her collar,” said Jones.

And then Sadie, a pit bull blue tick hound mix, vanished in the smoky hallways and chaos of the fire.

“I kind of turned around and was calling her and she wouldn’t come,” said Jones, who has posted about 500 posters all around Manchester and into the surrounding communities. She has been out searching every day, even during the blizzard.

The fire happened almost two weeks ago and there have been sightings.

“I am not stopping until I know she’s out there,” said Jones. “One way or the other I need closure.”

The 2-year-old dog has one brown eye and one blue eye and weighs about 50 pounds. Witnesses say she ran away from the building.

All of Brandy’s belongings were destroyed and most of her pets were killed, including three cats, a bird and a hamster.

Finding Sadie would be a bright spot in the aftermath of such a loss.

“I grieve for my animals who were lost but if I have a chance to get her back, nothing in this world could compare to that feeling. The hurt I’m feeling is just devastating,” said Jones.

Jones has made a plea on her Facebook page and is working with local shelters.

If you see Sadie, you are asked to call 603-247-9392 or 603-289-8021.

Investigators say they have not been able to pinpoint a cause for the fire but believe it is electrical.


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