BOSTON (CBS) — Kevin Garnett announced last week that Sunday’s All-Star Game would be the final one of his long and storied career. While such a declaration has several implications, perhaps the most entertaining bit we’ll all miss most is watching KG spend the whole weekend ragging on TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager.

While we’ll all look back fondly one day at Garnett for being a 15-time All-Star, an MVP, a four-time NBA All-First Team member, a nine-time NBA All-Defensive First Team member and an NBA champion, but we’ll also remember him for seeing Sager on the sideline and saying what we’re all screaming from our living rooms: What the heck are you wearing?

While Garnett’s playing career may be winding down, he appears to still be in his prime when it comes to razzing Sager.

“Hey, man,” Garnett to Sager as the TNT reporter’s mid-game interview drew near its conclusion on Sunday night. “Stop wearing stuff like this when you’re doing real interviews. Straight up. You’re like a Christmas ornament. You can’t dress like this [puts hand over eyes, reaches arm out uncontrollably], Craig. You can’t dress like this. You gotta stop that, man.”

Garnett then slapped Sager on the knee, and as he’s done so many times before, Sager took it in stride. He’s had plenty of practice, too, as Garnett’s made a habit of targeting Sager’s unique fashion sense over the years.

In fact, it wasn’t even Garnett’s first Sager burn of the weekend. On Saturday, Sager was interviewing Carmelo Anthony and asked the Knicks star about his beef with Garnett from earlier this season. Anthony called Garnett over to let Sager know things were now cool.

“Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on, man,” Garnett repeated. “You would come in here with that outfit on and ask that type of question.”

Garnett then turned the interviewing tables, asking Sager, “What was your motivation for wearing this today?”

“To wake up!” Sager responded.

“What kind of answer is that?” Garnett asked before jogging away.

If that was indeed Garnett’s final All-Star Game, at least he went out in style.


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