Wind, Cold Follow New Round Of Snow In Boston

By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV
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WBZ-TV's Paul Burton (Photo: WBZ-TV) Paul Burton
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BOSTON (CBS) – The city of Boston did not get nearly as much snow as last week’s blizzard, but there was still plenty to shovel.

On Sunday, Boston residents, spent much of the day shoveling snow and ice off their cars, sidewalks, and steps.

“There is no comparison to last week. This is not too bad,” one South Boston resident said.

Salt and plow trucks were out until late Sunday night clearing off the city streets around the John Hancock Tower.

“Its so cold, but the snow is not that heavy to move,” one city worker said.

Many residents in South Boston began saving their parking spots once again by putting chairs, computers, and furniture out.

“It’s so cold, so I am glad I have my parking space,” another resident said.

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