NEWTON (CBS) – A snow plow struck a fire hydrant early Saturday morning, sending water flooding into area homes.

A snow clean up crew hired by the state was working on Route 9 when one of the plows severed a fire hydrant from the ground, sending large amounts of water into the surrounding area.

Emergency services and the Water Department responded to the scene, but the damage had already been done.

Eight area homes – four on Route 9 and four on Lantern Lane – suffered severe flood damage, with most of the homes accumulating between four and five feet of water in the basements.

The Newton Fire Department helped homeowners pump the water out.

The utilities in each home have been shut off pending an examination from a plumbing inspector. Once each home is deemed safe, electricity and heat can be restored.

As a result, the homeowners are not staying at their homes tonight.

The plow driver was not cited, as police determined the incident was accidental.


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