By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

ANDOVER (CBS) – An Andover middle school student is being investigated after school officials say they found a “hit list” with the names of several students on it.

Sources tell WBZ-TV the eighth grade boy at West Middle School was talking to a friend about a hit list. When he was confronted by administrators a document was discovered which parents call alarming. “You think about what happened in Newtown and Columbine and all that stuff just goes through your head, you worry,” said Kim Briggs.

Superintendent Marinel McGrath notified parents by e-mail and said, “the highest priority is providing a safe learning and teaching environment for our students and staff.” The school says it followed safety protocols including notifying police to conduct an investigation.

“Somebody is on the ball, I hope that’s the case,” said parent Chet Lyons. “This is a good thing that intervention is happening.”

The superintendent tells parents that federal and state privacy laws prevent any comment on matters involving discipline. “I can confirm that like all of our schools, West Middle School strictly enforces all of the requirements stated in its handbook concerning prohibited conduct and discipline.”

Ironically parents say the school recently performed lockdown drills so students take safety seriously.

“To kind of reassure them that the school department has taken every possible means to make sure everyone is safe at school,” said Briggs.

School officials have not provided any more details about the list, including how many names were on it.


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