A Blog by Gary LaPierre

It was about five or six years ago, I was repeatedly saying…..”the public has stolen the media, and has totally screwed it up.”     With each passing day, month, year….whatever…..I realize what a prophetic statement that was going to become.  I remember the first time I heard a national TV anchorman (actually it was a woman) saying……”we’d like to know how you feel about story…..send us your comments, send us you concerns” (because we don’t have a freekin’ clue what do with this information.)

Let’s see now….the Pope just quit!   Yup, sure enough…..the 80-plus pontiff…..Benedict XVI is cashin’ out.  What are we going to do….this is all wrong…..the Pope is supposed to stay there until he dies……that’s just the way it is.   “Viva il papa” the crowd was chanting……..”Grazie” responds the pope……but somehow this is just wrong……he can’t quit…he’s not dead yet!   I can’t think of much for which this Pope deserves praise….but one thing for sure…is praise him for knowing  when to step aside and having the courage to act.  It may prove his greatest legacy.  I’ve thought I might like to run for Pope, but apparently there are a few other steps I’ll have to take first, before I can get into the running.    I’m sure they’ll work it out over there….just wait for the puff of black smoke…….or is it white?

How ’bout the cold-blooded killer Chris Dorner out in California. A sick man for sure, but no sicker in some ways than the clueless left-coasters who are vowing to carry on his crusade…..over the injustices in t he L.A.PD.   This former cop slaughters no less than four people in his west coast terror run and there are tweeters all over the country, rooting for him to escape.    He ends up a crispy critter in a cabin near Big Bear Lake and the nut-jobs out there are blaming the cops  for setting the cabin on fire and frying this poor man.  Would that be a bad thing? Tell  us how you feel about this story. ;-)

And while you’re at it…..tell us how you feel about this comment….”what spending problem……we don’t have a spending problem, we have a deficit problem.”    Just file this one under classic left-coast nut-jobs.  I’d put this one right up there with what happened to Dornan…….i.e. coming to the breakfast table and finding Nancy Pelosi across the table.


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