Despite football being over, Gresh, Zo and Hardy went ‘no-huddle’ Thursday on a wide variety of sports stories.

Hardy fires off questions rapid-fire and plays some audio from the the world of sports touching on everything from a NHL player getting cut by a skate to a murder allegation from a former Olympian.

1. The guys started with a little college hoops. Number six Syracuse lost to UConn on Wednesday night 66-58. ESPN’s Andy Katz asked Jim Boeheim a question in the postgame press conference and Boeheim had a very interesting response.

2. Next up was the NHL and Bruins public enemy number one, Matt Cooke. Cooke was involved in another on ice incident Wednesday night when the Penguins hosted the Senators. The guys took a listen to the Ottawa radio call of what happened to defenseman Erik Karlsson.

3. On To the NBA, Magic big man Hedo Turkoglu was suspended 20 games for testing positive for PED’s and he tried to explain himself.

4. The Spurs and Cavaliers played a tight one on Wednesday night. Cleveland was up 95-93 and San Antonio had the ball with the clock running down. The guys took a listen to the Spurs’ play-by-play announcer Bill Shoening.

5. Lastly there’s a bizarre story involving and Olympian. Paralympic superstar sprinter Oscar Pistorius is being charged with the murder of his girlfriend who was shot inside his home in South Africa. Early reports were that she might have been mistaken for a burglar, but police say that report didn’t come from them.


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